Evaporator Tube Expansion Machine

Evaporator Tube Expansion Machine

Refrigerator Evaporator Fin Tube Expansion Machine ;

Machine Functions: 

1. The tube expander is mainly composed of film arranging die and discharging device, film pressing device, positioning device, expansion rod telescopic and guiding device, film arranging workbench, expansion rod workbench and electric control device. The whole action is driven by oil cylinder and air cylinder, and the electric appliance is controlled by relay.

2. Insert the fins one by one into the fin arranging die, and at the same time put the twisted and flattened tubes on the expansion rod. Press the start button to press down the fin pressing device. At the same time, the positioning device cylinder pushes forward the expansion rod telescopic guide device and locks it. Then, the expansion rod telescopic guide device's oil cylinder slowly inserts the expansion rod and tube into the fin of the fin arranging die. After it is in place, the expansion rod retracts and leaves the tube in the fin. At the same time, the fin pressing device resets. Finally, the discharge device will expand the formed evaporator Push out the insert die and the whole action is completed.

3. Our oblique tube expander mainly guarantees the smooth and quality of tube expansion from the material and processing technology. First of all, from the material point of view, the inserting die, guide plate and expanding rod of our expanding machine are made of die steel. The main difference between die steel and 45 steel or spring steel is that the deformation after wire cutting is small, which can ensure the straightness and rigidity of insert die and expansion bar, and meet the process requirements to the maximum extent. In particular, the expansion bar is made of 6-side wire cutting of die steel,
Reduce the deformation after machining.



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