Tube Flexible Expander Machine

Tube Flexible Expander Machine

1.Copper Tube / Steel Tube / Aluminum Tube can be Expanding

2. 2Tube / 3Tube / 4Tube Expansion can be desiged as per different Coil Design

3.Tube Expansion Length and Speed can be set up accordingly 

CNC Tube Flexible Expander Machine

Machine Features: 
1.Expansion Length and Speed can be set up by System
2. 2Tubes / 3Tubes / 4Tubes / 6Tubes can be chosen for different Coil Products
3.Steel Tube with 1.5mm thickness can be expansion successfully
4.The Machine Head Angle can be flexible changed as per Coil Angle Hairpin U 
5.The Machine was Hang Up by Balancer which make whole Expansion Device light in weight and easy for daily working
6. It is most cost-effective device to expansion big Coil products with high working efficieny and save more factory space compare with other large machine


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