Tube Serpentine Bending Machine

Tube Serpentine Bending Machine

Full Automatic Refrigerator Aluminum Tube Bending Machine

Equipment function:

1. The machine is of one out of ten structure, that is, bending ten pipes at one time.
2. The whole machine adopts servo drive, hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive.
3. The electric control system is controlled by PLC + touch screen. PLC adopts Mitsubishi brand, touch screen adopts Taiwan Weilun brand, and low-voltage electrical appliances adopts Schneider brand.

Working principle:

1. The pipe bender is mainly composed of discharging device, straightening device, primary feeding device, cutting device, secondary feeding device, bending device, table rotating device, rack and electric control device. The whole action is driven by oil cylinder and servo motor, and the electric appliance is controlled by PLC + touch screen. The pipe bender is developed by imitating the imported automatic pipe bender. The action steps and technological process are completely the same as those of the imported equipment, which is relatively reasonable.

2.Put the whole coil into the discharging rack, and lead the pipe end to the feeding clamp of primary feeding. Press the start button, the primary feeding device will send the pipe through the cutting device to the secondary feeding clamp. At this time, the primary feeding clamp returns to its original position, stops working, the secondary feeding clamp starts working, and the pipe is sent into the bending wheel to start bending. When bending to a certain length, cut off the pipe and continue bending until the final bending is completed, and take out the bent single piece manually. Press the start button again, the machine will repeat the above feeding elbow action, so as to cycle.



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