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Ⅰ.Main Technical parameters of Straightening and Cutting Machine:

1.Straightening and Cutting Machine is consist of Main Body,Motor Driven Uncoiler and Collecting Stack.

2.Tubing specification:Out Diameter of Copper,thickness as customer's requirement length from:as required.

3.Driven by servo-motor,touch screen input for cut length,quality and so on.

4.Copper tube or aluminum tube should be dead soft.

Ⅱ.Straightening and Cutting Machine Structure Features:

Structure:Feeding from coil stand,straighten by aligned rollers which located in vertical and horizontal planes respectively.Cut by outside blade and pull apart.All action of feeding,straightening,length cut,pull apart and reset will be automatically.

Straightening and Cutting Machine Feeding Device:2 tubes from Eye to sky payoff.

Straightening and Cutting Machine Straightening Device:Straightening by vertical add horizontal planes respectively which roundness of tube will be obtained.

Straightening and Cutting Machine Feeding Device:Driven by servo-motor,one meter per feeding,multi-feeding is needed when longer than one meters,desired length setting will be valid through touch screen input.

Straightening and Cutting Machine Cut Blade:outside round cutting and pull apart without burr and span,Min length of tubing is 60mm.


Ⅲ.Straightening and Cutting Machine Main Components:

a.Control system will be MITSUBISHI PLC & Servo-Motor,OMRON touch screen,hard guard system.

b.Pneumatic parts will be SMC products.

c.Hydraulic parts will be Yuken products Electric parts(Limit switch,Switch,Main switch,Connector,Relay and so on)will be high quality product with Schneider.