Double Station Tube Cut Off Machine

Double Station Tube Cut Off Machine

Straightening & Cutting Machine

1.Model: 2-tube machine, 4-tube machine;

2.Production Progress: 3 Seconds~8 Seconds / Cycle (As per different thickness of Tube)

3.Copper Tube Specification: Free Choice from O.D.4.76 ~ O.D.19.05mm

4.2 Different Tube Size can be Cutting at different length at the same time

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Tube Cutting Machine is used to open, straighten and chinless cut the coil copper pipe into set-length straight pipes. It is mainly applied in areas of Air-Conditioner, water heater, airplane, automobile, etc.


Tube Cutting Machine continuous feeding by belts; High Efficiency; Cutting Long; 2 Different tube sizes can be cut at the same time. The speed is approximate 3s~8s / Cycle (as per different tube thickness)


Straightening Wheel :(Left  2Tube, Right 2Tube)

Clamper Oil Cylinder :

Motorized Decoiler :(Left 2 Decoiler, Right 2 Decoiler)



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