Steel Tube Brazing Furnace

Steel Tube Brazing Furnace

Brazing furnace is widely used for brazing and bright annealing of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, etc. in air conditioning and refrigeration, automobile, aerospace and other industries. It provides reliable equipment guarantee for users in these fields to produce high-quality and low-cost products.

Steel Tube Brazing Furnace

Equipment process Flow:
Workpiece assembly Furnace feeding Preheating Solder heating, melting and welding Cooling Furnace discharging

Transmission process:
 Power supply Frequency converter speed regulation Variable frequency motor Reducer Driving wheel Driven wheel Mesh belt movement

Heating process:
Power supply Fast melting Heating power regulator Current transformer Heating element

Cooling process:
Water cooling section 1 water cooling section 2 water cooling section 3 ……


Our 14 sets Brazing Furnace Machine in BYD Factory. 



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