Hydrogen Brazing Machine-8L

Hydrogen Brazing Machine-8L

 NO premixed gases,NO gas cylinders,NO light back,No corrosive chemicals.

• Heath and Safety. The Hydrogen flame is environmentally friendly. 

• Cost Saved Much compare with traditional gas/air or gas.

• Only Distilled Water needed as flame material. 

Hydrogen Brazing Machine Features:

1.It is much Safer.

• NO premixed gases,
• NO gas cylinders,
• NO light back,
• No corrosive chemicals. 

2. Cost Saved

• Cost of gas (cost of gases are rising).
• Cost of cylinder rental and cylinder transportation.
• Cost of investment to comply with safety regulations within every brazing work cell.
• Cost to train operators to set gas mixture of a conventional torch.
• Cost of manufacturing. Brazing temperature is reached 2 to 3 times faster when compared with a conventional system.

3. Health and Safety
• The system eliminates the usage of Compressed gas cylinders and reduces the possibility of gas cylinder explosion. 
• The Hydrogen flame is environmentally friendly. The combustion of Hydrogen and Oxygen produces water vapor and does not produces CO2 emissions, resulting in a better working environment for the brazing operators. 
• The gas pressure inside the Electrolyser is very low (< 0.5 bar) which is below any safety regulation for high pressure vessels . 
• No hydrogen and oxygen gases storage ; machine produces the hydrogen and oxygen gases on demand. 
• Brazing does not require the operator to wear any special glasses. 
• The fumes are reduced by about 60-70%. 

• Torch is ergonomically designed and light weight (about half the weight of a conventional torch) which improves operator productivity. 
• Our products eliminate light-back; the operator does not lose confidence of the system, productivity is not affected. 
• All our machines use distilled or de-ionised water to generate the gases ; the water is fed to the machine automatically without the operator intervention. 



 • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR)
• Jewellery industry
• Education Schools/Colleges
• Glass Industry
• Plastic Industry
• Automotive/Aerospace And many others


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