Hole Punching Machine

Hole Punching Machine

The Diamter of the Punching Pipe:

Round Pipe O.D16---O.D150

Quartet Tube 20x20---75x75

Rectangular Tubes 15x30---60x120

Iron Pin 30x30---75x75

Iron Trough 25x50---60x120

Description on Technical Date:

1. RETA Machine Hole Punching Machine can punch Circle Square, rectangular and oval on rectangular pipes and various shapes of Holes.
2. Aperture and thickness: O.D50x3----O.D16x11
3. The diameter of the puncturing pipe: 
 Round Pipe: O.D16mm---O.D150mm
Quartet Tube: 20x20---75x75
Rectangular Tubes: 15x30---60x120
Iron Pin: 30x30---75x75
Iron Trough:25x25---60x120
4. Punching Hole Distance:0.1mm-----2900mm, 200 Holes
5.Punching Speed: 1.5 Second / pcs,  150mm Stroke
6.Punching the longest distance: 5900mm
7.Standard Processing Length: 6000mm
(The length can be 3.5 meters, 9meters and 12meters depending on customer's specific request)
8. Feeding the fastest speed: 45000mm / min
9.Processing settings categories: Single-Punch, non-equidistant punching equidistant.
10.TFT human-machine interface, Taiwan Tada Units control system,tough-screen settings, in both Chinese and English exchange.
11. Can be store 0-99 group processing mode.
12. Size and weight: 5200 x 1500 x 2500 MM, 5.0 T

Equipment Product Processing

Equipment---Fixture---Start Auto---Punching---And Forming---Discharging

Main Structure Features:

-- TFT Human-machine interface display, tough screen setting, the Numerical Control system, and precise positioning servo motor, Size of memory function in storage module.
--Structure: By powerful composite combination, the frame of thick durable components.
--Operating Function: Jogging / Automatic Functions two working lines can be worked separately or simultaneously.
--Oil Hydraulic System: Step-less operation adjustment, hydraulic loops designed with zero load , combined with extremely low frequency oil pump motor, effectively reduced noise, increased motor efficiency and service duration.
--Whenever the oil cylinder is moving downward, the machine is designed with hydraulic difference driving loops rated at high or low RPM, It is also featured with high speed downward moving, low speed processing and hi-speed position resume. It is available to increase the information stability of work pieces during puncturing. In addition to increasing the activation speed, it can effectively reduce HP lead to save electrical energy.
--The electoral control system is designed with human machine interface 150mm
(Stroke available for positioning) the mold set is designed with 600mm in depth available for forward and backward 150mm moving accessibility. Our machine is designed with Italy-Made digital scale ( LCD display) with high precision. 
--Our machine is adopted with Japan-made  servo motor driving devices and the feed-in and receiving speed can be set to high speed and high precision to enhance the productivity. 
--It is featured with sufficient clamping force of clamping oil cylinders and the position of work pieces is stable and uneasily loose off. 

Equipment Product Instruction:

Automatic Feeding: One worker start the double line at the same time, if the tubes with standard size, the worker operated without any mistake, it only need about one minute punch one pipe. 

Artificial feeding: Two workers operate one line separated, if the tubes with standard size. the worker operated without any mistake. It need about five minutes can punch one pipe. 

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