Fin Automatic Tube Inserting Machine

Fin Automatic Tube Inserting Machine

1.Production  Capacity: 1Row≤25s/pcs, 2Rows≤35s/pcs

2.Long U tube Haiprin Bender Machine is Optional

3.No Corresponding, Oblique intubation is inserting by Manual

Fin Automatic Tube Inserting Machine


Used ForThe equipment is used to complete the automatic threading of single row or double row long U tubes and fins of air conditioning heat exchanger. It can process products of various specifications, which can be loaded and unloaded manually, and the equipment can realize full-automatic threading.

Processing materials:  Long U Hairpin Bender Machine (Optional)

Fin Loading and unloading method: Manual Loading and un-loading ( Optional: Manipulator)

Production efficiency(Rows/cycle): 1Row≤25s/pcs,2Rows≤35s/pcs

Oblique intubation:No corresponding, oblique intubation is inserting by manaul

Side plate:Flat edge plate (non corresponding to special-shaped edge plate)

Qualified rate: 99%(Including repair ≤ 0.5%, scrap ≤ 0.5%)




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