Automatic Hairpin Bender 4Tubes

Automatic Hairpin Bender 4Tubes

1.The Automatic Long U Hairpin Bender is used to open,straighten,chipless cut and bend coil copper pipe into set length U shape pipe which is also called hairpin pipe

2.It was applied to the auto production of long U pipe in air condition condensers and evaporators;

3. The length after bending range from 200mm~4500mm

4. It has 4tubes, 6Tubes, 8Tubes and 10Tubes Bending per Cycle


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Option:TBLU Tube:  Number:  Length:  Number:  Type: 
Hairpin bender
Max process tube dia.(mm):
1.5: φ5mm
2.7: φ7mm
3.15.88: φ15.88mm
Number of tube:
process at one time
1.4: 4(tubes)
2.6: 6(tubes)
3.7: 7(tubes)
4.8: 8(tubes)
5.6+6: 12(tubes)
Max process tube length:
number of centres:
1.M1:single die
2.M2:double dies
Decoiler type
E:with motorized decoiler
Q:with eye-to-sky decoiler



The  Long U Hairpin Bender is used to Open, Straighten, Chipless Cut and bend Coil Copper Pipe into set length U shape pipe which is also called Hairpin Pipe; Mainly applied to the auto production of Long U pipe in Air-Condition Condensers and Evaporators.



1.Strippers, Frame move and Bend by Servo Moto.

2.Driven by frequency conversion moto and feed by belts.

3.Cutter Motor is driven by transducer, and the speed can be adjusted.





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