Automatic Flat Mask Making Machine

Automatic Flat Mask Making Machine

1.Brief introduction of Automatic Flat Mask Making Machine

This machine is mainly used for the automatic forming flat masks: the entire roll of fabric is driven by rollers after unwinding, and the fabric is automatically folded and hemmed; the entire roll of nose bridge is pulled and unrolled, cut to length and then imported into the hemmed fabric, ultrasonic welding of both sides, then to seal, then ultrasonic side sealing, cutting and shaping with a cutter; conveying the mask to the one mask ear-loop welding stations through the assembly line, and finally welding the mask by ultrasonic welding. When the mask is made, it passes the assembly line and is conveyed to flat belt line for collection. 

2. Machine Dimensions: 

one main machine + one auto welding machine:L6100*W3600*H1800mm 

3. Working Procedure:

4. SamplePictures: 

5. Working Video : 



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