Shrinkless Expanding Machine

Shrinkless Expanding Machine

1. The new type tube expander can save copper tube by   2.5% ~ 3%, and energy up to 50%.
2.Horizontal Expanding for Straight end tube and Hairpin end Tube both;The

3. Servo Drive Expanding and Flaring in one machine
4. 2 Tubes Size can be flexible change Tool in one machine
5. There're Rotary Equipment on the Working Table for flexible changing receiver to different size

Non-Shrink (Shrinkless)  Expanding Machine Purpose:

The Horizontal Expander machine is mainly used in the expanding of straight tubes and Coil Tube. One end of the coil is with receiver / clamping,and the other end Shrinkless Expanding

Non-Shrink (Shrinkless)  Expanding Advantage:
Using Non-Shrink tube expanding. It can save copper tube material by 2.5%~ 3% and Heat Exchanger Product energy rise up 50%。

Non-Shrink (Shrinkless)  Expanding Machine Features:

1.The CNC Program, automatic shif, 1-n tubes process at one time. 

2.Finish Expanding and Flaring in one machine.

3. 2 Different Tube size can be expanding in one machine through flexible changing of expanding rods.

4. The Working Table equipped with Rotary Equipment which have double side receiver for 2 tube size. It can save much time during daily installation. 

5.The Shrinkess expanding suitable for Coil Tube length 1.5meter to 9meters.


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