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Microchannel  coil bender machine practical technology
1. Check the oil volume of the oil storage tank of the hydraulic station of the coiler before work. Start the hydraulic station to check whether the oil pump works normally, and whether there is leakage in the valves and pipelines. The pressure should meet the requirements.
2. It is not allowed to roll or level the steel plate with protruding welds or cutting edges.
3. When rolling or leveling, the steel plate and work roll are not allowed to slip.
4. When rolling conical workpieces, the three-roller rolling machine manufacturer should press the small round end of the workpiece against the guide roller of the vertical roller.
5. When leveling the steel plate with a pad, the hardness of the pad must not be higher than the hardness of the work roll.
Microchannel  Coil Bender Machine
How to deal with common faults in use?
First of all, you can use instruments to measure the electrical testing equipment and tools of conventional coil rolling machines. According to the system circuit diagram and the circuit diagram of the coil rolling machine, the fault voltage, power supply, pulse signal, etc. can be measured to determine the fault.
For example: during troubleshooting, the system alarms, the hardware of the coiler's position loop is faulty, and an interference signal is found with the coiler's oscilloscope. Use a capacitor to filter it in the circuit to make the coiler system work normally.
If the rolling machine system cannot return to the reference point, you can use the rolling machine oscilloscope to check whether there are zero mark pulses. If not, it may be considered that the measurement system is damaged.
Secondly, the PLC is used to analyze the interrupt status of the PLC. When the programmable controller fails, its interrupt cause is memorized by interrupting the stack.
Using the hydraulic coiler programmer, when the system is stopped, you can purchase a four-roller coiler, call out the interrupted stack and block stack, and quote the four-roller coiler for the reason indicated, and find out the fault.
Finally, you can check with interface signals. By checking the interface signals of the machine tool control system with a programmable large-scale coiling machine controller, the price of the four-roller coiling machine, and comparing with the correct signal of the interface manual, the corresponding fault points of the coil bender machine can be found.