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High processing accuracy and stable quality The tube bending machine adopts a variety of technical measures to improve processing accuracy and ensure quality stability:

(1) The tube bending machine is automatically controlled by the numerical control program for processing. In the working process, manual intervention is generally not required, which eliminates the error caused by the operator;

(2) The mechanical structure of the tube bending machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of precision machine tools, using high-precision transmission components such as ball screws and rolling guides, and has high rigidity, thermal stability and good vibration resistance;

(3) Flexible automation, with wide adaptability: due to the use of CNC program control, general-purpose tooling is often used in processing, as long as the CNC program is changed, the automatic processing of new parts can be realized, so it can adapt to the current market competition and the continuous update of products The requirements of the replacement have solved the problems of multi-variety and medium- and small-batch production automation.

(4) It can realize the processing of complex parts: because the tube bending machine adopts computer interpolation and multi-coordinate linkage control technology, it can realize any trajectory movement and process complex shapes of spatial surfaces, which can be conveniently completed such as propellers, steam turbine blades, and automobile shapes. Processing of various complicated curved parts such as stamping dies.