Hydraulic Vertical Expander Features:

-Working Length: 600mm; 800mm; 1000mm; 1200mm; 1600mm;2000mm, 2500mm; 3000mm

-The products below 1600mm equipped with Opening by Manual-Door or with Double-Station rotary workable , the products above 1600mm with 84°

inclined Turnover-Door and Manual-Open door is required by products below 1200mm workpiece;

-Products long than 1600mm will be equipped with internal oil cylinder type


Hydraulic Vertical Expander is specailly used to expand Fin Heat-Exchanger.

The Process of Expanding Pipe and Flaring on one shot in a working Cycle.

Brief Introduction of Reta Machinery:

Reta Machine Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001 whom specialized in Heat Exchanger products industry more than 15years. We are currently the one of leading manufacturer of machinery for both the mechanically expanded and brazed micro channel heat exchanger industry, globally. Our goals and long-term commitment is to constantly evolve our heat exchanger equipment, using research and development skills and vast production capacity. We operate in all areas of Air Conditioning, Radiator,Heater Core,Charge Air Coolers,Condensers, Evaporators for Truck and Car, Complex range of Fin Machines, Fin Presses,Core Builders, Tube Hairpin Benders, Vertical Expander, Horizontal Expander, Straight tube cut off, High Speed cut off, Return Benders, Ring Loading, Full range of mechanical presser. We have a stringent quality control system and all non-standard machine part is processed by ourselves.

The Company currently has more than 100 domestic and foreign various types of precision machine equipment, Japan Mazak, Five axis maching center, Japan Mazak milling maching center, Japan MITSUBISHI heavy five face maching center, the longmen type five face maching center, Taiwan oil machine, CNC vertical lathe, Spain Nicholas floor type boring and milling maching center, Large constant equipment and humidity processing workshop etc. 

Our Machines exported to Italy, Germany, Australia , Russia, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina , Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt, England ,etc.

We can provide full range of solutions in heat exchanger domain, through protracted and unremitting efforts over 15years of experience.  We have supplied our equipment all over the world totaling more than 40 countries.

We provide an energy saving, environmental protective, high efficiency, safety and precision service to the heat exchanger marketplace and contribute our strength to provide a "Cool World"


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Jiangbei District, Ningbo,China.

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