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Tube Expander Machine

1. Pipe expander is also called pipe expander
The main function is to expand the diameter of the copper pipe interface and make a flared opening that is convenient for pipe docking. There are generally two shapes of flared mouths, one is a bell mouth and the other is a cup mouth.
2. The pipe expander is composed of three parts: the pipe clamp part, the extrusion part and the pipe expansion head
The function of the card tube part is to fix the copper tube. There are multiple fixing holes on the card tube parts with different diameters. Copper pipes of different diameters should be fixed with appropriate fixing holes. The tube part is divided into two symmetrical halves, which are connected by pins at one end and fastened by tightening nuts and bolts at the other end. The holes formed by the abutment of the two halves are made into threads according to different pipe diameters, in order to clamp the copper pipe more tightly. The upper mouth of the hole is chamfered at 60° to facilitate the expansion of a suitable bell mouth.
The expansion head can be freely detached from the extruded part. When expanding the pipe, the expanding head is pressed into the copper pipe mouth by the extrusion part to expand the copper pipe mouth. Therefore, according to different requirements for expanding the diameter of the pipe, the pipe expander has a number of pipe expanding heads of different sizes for easy replacement. The shape of the expanding head of the flared mouth and the cup-shaped mouth is different. The expanding head of the flared mouth is conical, and there is only one. Others are expanding heads with cup-shaped mouths.
3. The operation steps of copper pipe flaring
First select the expansion head and install it on the extrusion part. Then, use a scraper to remove the burr of the copper pipe mouth and fix the copper pipe in the appropriate fixing hole of the clamped pipe part. When fixing, there should be a section of copper tube beyond the clamped pipe part, 1~2mm when expanding the bell mouth, and 3~4mnu when expanding the cup-shaped mouth. The center of the head is aligned with the center of the nozzle, and then rotate the screw of the extrusion part clockwise to press the expanding head into the nozzle, and the nozzle begins to deform and expand. When rotating the screw, do not turn it clockwise all the time, so that the nozzle is easily broken, or the expanding head is stuck after being pressed into the copper tube and cannot be withdrawn. Generally, it is rotated 3/4 turn clockwise, and then rotated counterclockwise to withdraw a little, and so on, until the flaring is formed.
The requirements for the formed bell mouth are very strict, and the inner surface must be smooth, without curling and cracks. The mouth end is precisely matched with the threaded joint, otherwise, the refrigeration system will not be tightly sealed, resulting in the failure of refrigerant leakage. If the requirements are not met, the pipe must be cut and re-expanded. The formed cup-shaped mouth should be straight, no cracks, and proper depth of the cup mouth.