Tube Expand Machine Delivery To Russia

The Horizontal Expander machine is mainly used in the expanding Heat Exchanger Product tubes ,one end of the tube is clamped,and the other end shrinks naturally.


Straight Tubes Horizontal Expander Machine Features:

1.The CNC Program, Automatic Up / Down , Left / Right Shif with X,Y, Z thress Axis control.  6Tubes expanding process at one shot;

2.The Straight  Tube Horizontal Expanding Machine can make 2 Tube sizes flexible change in one Machine by changing expanding head and expanding rods. The total time will take around 15~20minutes.  (As Per Coil Tube Drawing)

3.Machine is suitable for below 2 Products Expansion.  (1) Product with Straight Tube End  (2) Product with Hairpin Tube End in Straight Line 

Product with Straight Tube End

Product with Hairpin Tube End in Straight Line