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What should I pay attention to when operating the tube bending machine? The operator must pass the training of the safe operation rules of the tube bending machine, and be familiar with the structure, performance, principle, daily maintenance and programming of the machine, and can operate after passing the examination. Check the area around the work site and remove all debris that hinders work and traffic. There should be no oil stains on the ground to avoid slipping. The workpieces should be stacked neatly and firmly to prevent them from collapsing and hurting people. Check whether the protective device on the tube bending machine is in good condition. If it is not installed, it is not allowed to drive. The intermediate frequency pipe bender should have good grounding and electrical insulation, and the voltage should be stable.

Start the oil pump and check whether the system pressure is kept within the specified range. If it is high, hydraulic components will be damaged and power will be wasted. If it is too low, work will be affected. Adjust the required position and angle of the parts. Adjust the vertical lifting rail to make the guide mold pressing cylinder move forward to clamp the iron pipe tightly. The normal operation is to put the workpiece into the bending mold, and the front end is contacted and positioned, and the foot switch is stepped on to complete. During the empty test run, check whether the mechanical operation is normal and whether the electrical switches are sensitive and easy to use. After everything is normal, proceed to work. Before operation, first check whether each lubrication point is short of oil, whether the movement mechanism is loose, whether the safety protection device is reliable, and can only be operated after confirmation

When two people work at the same time, they must work closely together and coordinate. A dedicated person should be assigned to operate the switch. Do not talk or laugh with others during operation to prevent misoperation. When the machine tool is running, the operator must not leave the machine tool. When the tube bending machine is working, no one is allowed to be near the bending stroke range of the pipe, and a protective warning sign is set up. Stand firm when prying the pipe to prevent being injured by the pry bar slipping. The operator can only stand on the outside. When bending, you must concentrate your mind. It is forbidden to put your hands or other objects in the work area. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button, then turn the rotary switch to the manual position and reset it manually. If a malfunction occurs, report for repair in time. After the work is over, cut off the power supply and do a good job of cleaning and lubricating.