Stainless Tube Return Bender



1.Return Bender machine is high effecienct for 5 pcs per cycle, 4pcs or 3 pcs per cycle according to different tubing size. 

Structure features of return bender: 

-Return Bender an equipment for fully automatic processing, after loading the coil tube, it can finish the sequence with automatically: Feeding → Clamping → Mandrel enter → Sprayer → Bending → Pull mandrel → Cutting → Unloading material → Reposition bending minor elbow of whole action 

-Stock stand of Return Bender Motor Driven stock stand ( same as Tube Cutoff Machine

2. Main Electric Components: 

-Control system will be Japan OMRON PLC. 

-Pneumatic parts will be SMC 

-Hydraulic parts will be Japan Brand Yuken.