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Size And Ring Machine is important machine for heat exchange coil production.

Feature structure of Size And Ring Machine:

2.1Size And Ring Machine Format of Structure:This is multi-function Size And Ring Machine with rotary table.It is available for Return Bender leg straightening,Return Bender End rounding,End burr cleaning,Ring Loading,and foreign matter inspection in the copper tubing legs.Whole machine is consist of Ring & Return Benders Loading system,Ring Loading System and electric control system.

2.2 Size And Ring Machine's system as machine materials feeding system is composed of U Bend rotating-feeder,welding ring feeder and feeding paths.Put the return bender and welding rings into return bender feeder and welding ring feeder respectively through manual operation,then automatically enter into the position of ringer along the material path.

2.3 Ring Loading System Turning table driven by motor works in intermission action for achieving feeding,Rounding,Ring Loading and inspection respectively.

3. Size And Ring Machine Main Components

1.Equipment use PLC controller OMRON.

2.Pneumatic parts use high quality products,import brands SMC products.

3.For main electric components(limit switch,switch button,air switch,contactor,relay,thermal relay) use high quality components.The brand of SCHNEIDER,OMRON.