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Main Characteristics of Hand Feed Hairpin Bender or Semi-Auto Hairpin Bender

Semi-automatic hairpin bender is simple and compacted design machine for low quantity hairpin bend production.It can produce hairpin bender from 200mm to 3000mm.

Hand feeding hairpin bender (Semi-automatic hairpin bender) can produce hairpin bender with 2 pcs per cycle,3 pcs per cycle and 5 pcs per cycle accordingly different specification and application.

Ⅰ.Semi-automatic Hairpin Bender Structure Characters:

1.Compact design,Servo Motor driving,Manual feeding,Operation in manual or automatic mode for option.

2.Process of automatic operation mode is material feeding by manual→mould tooling clamping→oil spraying→bending→mandrel back→clamp loose→unloading→unloading home→bending tooling home.

Ⅱ.Main Components or hand feed hairpin bender or semi-automatic hairpin bender:

1.Control system is Japan Omron for option.

2.Pneumatic parts with SMC products.

3.Hydraulic parts with YUKEN products.

4.Electric parts(Limit switch,Switch,Main Switch,Connector,Relay and so on)will be high quality Schneider.

Ⅲ .Acceptance Testing Standard of Semi-Automatic Hairpin Bender or hand feeding hairpin bender:

1.Hairpin Leg difference in length less than 0.5MM.

2.No obvious clashing,abnormal corrugation neither other deficiency.Ellipse less than 8%.

3.Roundness tolerance of straight part ﹤±0.3mm;

4.Parallel tolerance for the two straight legs≤3%;

5.Running smoothly.