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The use of the tube bending machine is very simple, and some problems should be paid attention to when using it. For example, the safety of electricity should be paid attention to, because electricity is not a trivial matter, and if it is used improperly, there will be serious consequences.

1. Although the circuit of the hydraulic tube bending machine is insulated, there will always be a line interface. You must not touch it. Of course, people are not allowed to touch it. Only professional personnel can touch it under maintenance or other conditions.

2. The voltage provided to the tube bending machine must be provided according to the voltage used by the tube bending machine. Don't overload the supply voltage, which is very dangerous and may cause damage to the machine, shutdown, or even leakage.

3. The machine must be completely isolated from the power supply before any electrical box is opened. And the power supply should be turned off.

When using a hydraulic tube bending machine, electrical safety is the most important. Whether it is for the machine or for the staff, the correct use of electricity is the safest guarantee.