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Microchannel Coil Bending Machine:


Full Auotmatic Coil Tube  Bender Machine Purpose:
     Coil  bender machine is used to bend air-condition Coil Tube to a certain angle
      as to make them "G" shape,"L" Shape  or "U" shape, which satisfy
      the demand of air-condition overall design and producing

 Full Automatic Coil Bender Machine Features:
   1.Three Axis CNC, accurate location, smooth bend. (More than Three Axis can be used in Coil Bender as per different Coil Tube drawing)
   2.High degree of automation, convenient adjustment.
   3.The slices don't fall easily.
   4.Full Auotmatic Bending by Coil Bender Machine with automatic unloading
   5. 2 layer, 3 layer or 4 layer can be bending ( It's depend on max thickness of coil tube)



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