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The principle of the pipe cutting machine is to cooperate with each other through the air-push-oil type. The electrical system controls the movement direction of the air pressure system and pushes the oil circuit to make a linear reciprocating movement. In the reciprocating movement, the signal detected from the carriage limit is used as the basis. Control and change the movement of the gas and oil circuit, so as to achieve the expected path of the knife.

Generally used in housing construction; shipyards; automobile production, industrial pipeline equipment, pulp, paper, chemicals, boilers, water pumping stations, etc.; construction site fresh water and wastewater systems; municipal heating and cooling systems; urban natural gas pipelines; municipal projects such as hospitals and office buildings , Construction and large public buildings; maintenance and repair work of medium and large industries; power stations; installation companies, automatic sprinkler systems in the workshop before assembly, etc.; pipeline repair processing.

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