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Tube Cutting Machine can automatically clamp, feed, feed, set size, stop at a fixed number, and measure work. The main circuit of the machine adopts PLC programmable logic controller to work. Automatic feeding, clamping and cutting system, accurate and fast feeding, can cut 10-50 times per minute.

The counter can set the number of cutting materials, and it will automatically stop after cutting materials. There is no need for manual operation at all, higher mechatronics, and even one person can operate multiple units, reducing the number of employees. The total counter counts the workload records for a day.

The total pressure, front, back and pressure can be adjusted steplessly to ensure that the workpiece is not pinched and deformed. The servo pipe cutting machine is used, and the cutting length accuracy is guaranteed to be within plus or minus 0.05mm, and the incision is glossy and has no burrs.