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In a small household air conditioner or VRV air conditioner system, because there is no fresh air, the indoor air quality is poor. Need to use heat recovery device in the system. The heat exchanger machine is a high-efficiency and energy-saving heat recovery device that preheats or pre-cools the fresh air introduced into the air conditioning system by recovering the waste heat in the exhaust gas, before the fresh air enters the room or the surface cooler of the air conditioning unit for heat and moisture treatment , Decrease (increase) the fresh air enthalpy. Effectively reduce the load of the air-conditioning system, save the energy consumption and operating costs of the air-conditioning system, effectively solve the contradiction between the improvement of indoor air quality and the energy-saving of air-conditioning, and play an irreplaceable role in the field of energy-saving of the air-conditioning system.

The working principle of the heat exchanger machine is: when the product is working, the indoor exhaust air and the fresh air respectively flow through the heat exchanger machine core in a positive cross mode, due to the temperature difference and vapor partial pressure difference between the airflows on both sides of the airflow dividing plate, the two airflows The phenomenon of heat and mass transfer occurs when passing through the partition plate, causing a total heat exchange process.

In summer operation, the fresh air obtains cold energy from the exhaust air of the air conditioner, which reduces the temperature, and at the same time is dried by the air-conditioning air, which reduces the moisture content of the fresh air; in winter operation, the fresh air obtains heat from the exhaust air of the air-conditioning room, and the temperature rises. In this way, through the full heat exchange process of the heat exchange core, the fresh air can recover energy from the exhaust air of the air conditioner.