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Use occasions and scope of pipe cutting machine:

Housing construction; shipyards; automobile production, industrial pipeline equipment, pulp, paper, chemicals, boilers, water pumping stations, etc.; site fresh water and wastewater systems; municipal heating and cooling systems; urban natural gas pipelines; municipal projects such as hospitals, office buildings, buildings and Large-scale public buildings; medium- and large-scale industries for maintenance and repair work; power stations; installation companies, automatic sprinkler systems in the workshop before assembly, etc.; pipeline repair and treatment.

Working principle of pipe cutting machine

The principle is that through the cooperation of computer and hydraulic pressure, the electric system controls the direction of the oil circuit of the hydraulic system to push the carriage to make a straight and reciprocating movement. The microcomputer will follow the tool path programmed by the user. During the reciprocating motion, the signal detected from the carriage limit is used as the basis to control and change the oil circuit movement, so as to achieve the expected tool path. When buying a pipe cutting machine, you should also understand its purpose: this machine tool is widely used in the handle industry and other automatic pipe cutting applications of stainless steel pipe cutting and chamfering. For the processes of automatic feeding, cutting and chamfering, one person manages multiple machines, reducing labor intensity and saving personnel.