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A heat exchanger is also often called a heat exchanger, and it is a device dedicated to transferring part of the heat through the hot fluid to the cold fluid. Of course, this concept is not entirely correct. There are also air heat exchangers, such as heat exchangers in air conditioners, which can not only keep the indoor air fresh, but also save energy perfectly.

Heat exchanger machines are widely used in petroleum, power, food and chemical industries. Heaters, coolers, evaporators, and reboilers are all types of heat exchangers. There are many types of heat exchangers, but according to the principles and methods of heat exchange between cold and hot fluids, they can be divided into partition wall heat exchangers, hybrid heat exchangers and heat storage heat exchangers. Among the three types of heat exchangers, the partition wall heat exchanger is the most used. The partition wall heat exchanger probably does not directly exchange heat.

The heat exchanger machine uses the principle of heat conduction to transfer the heat from one side of the object to the other side. However, different heat exchangers have different heat transfer methods, different heat transfer principles, and different heat transfer media. Automatic temperature control energy-saving volumetric heat exchanger, which makes full use of steam energy, is a new type of water heater with high efficiency and energy saving. Ordinary heat exchangers generally need to be equipped with water-to-water heat exchangers to reduce the temperature of steam condensate for reuse.