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The hole punching machine is composed of four parts that cooperate with each other to complete the whole process of punching. First move the material to the scanning area of ​​the camera of the automatic punching machine. After the camera scans the image, it will process and send the signal to the control part. After the control part receives the signal, it will further process and control the movement of the transmission part so that the punch is on the plane. The X-axis and V-axis are shifted. After the shifting action is completed, it starts to work, and the solenoid valve controls the cylinder to carry out the punching action. The main advantages of automatic punching machine are as follows:

1. High accuracy: the camera will automatically find the picture within the recognition range, and the computer will analyze and control the movement.

2. Fast speed: the camera has a short reflection time and can control the punching of the graphic position as soon as the graphic is found.

3. Powerful function: the sampling diagram can be saved, and can be directly called after use. The computer system and software can be upgraded in real time.

4. Quality assurance: The main parts and components such as pressure regulating valve, cylinder, solenoid valve and rail are all imported to ensure the service life.

5. Simple operation: Human-machine Jie Ming, set the working mode directly on the touch screen.

6. High degree of recognition: the special light source can automatically recognize the positioning hole pattern of high reflective light, high blackness and other materials, and can automatically compensate and recognize the incomplete graphics.