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Horizontal Expander is widely applied in big size coil expanding process,especial for commercial coil,big mode Horizontal Expander can expand up to 4000mm coil length or height.

Horizontal Expander Features of Structure:

1. Horizontal Expander Format of Structure:The machine is designed is horizontal pattern,work piece load and unload by manual.The process of expand,flare and reflare in one cycle.

2.Horizontal Expander Driven by Servo-Motor,transmitted by screw bar by reducer for expanding,flare and reflare.

3. Horizontal Expander's Work Piece Fixing:Turn over fixing plate driven by pneumatic cylinder,opening angle of fixing plates reach 70 degree for quick loading and unloading.

4. Horizontal Expander's Rods lock by integrity lock.

5. Horizontal Expander's Receiver is provided with locking structure,which will not be pulled out when unload and it is also convenient for changing the specification.In order to take out the work piece conveniently,you can also choose air cylinder to raise the work piece.

Components of Horizontal Expander:

1.Expander or Horizontal Expander use MITSUBISHI PLC,OMRON for you option.

2.Expander or Horizontal Expander Pneumatic parts use SMC products.ARK, CKD for option.

3.Expander or Horizontal Expander's main electric components(limit switch,switch button,air switch,contactor,relay,thermal relay)use SCHNEIDER,OMRON,MITSUBISHI for your option highest quality horizontal expander,will meet and exceed your requirements,and value your production.

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