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2 Hairpin Bender Machine ready to delivery to Russia. 

Equipment Characteristic:

  1. The rounding & straightening wheels are set on both the vertical and horizontal plane, which will straight the tubes from the 2 plates. Each tube has 2 rounding wheels and 12 straighten wheels

  1. The feeding system is a Pneumatically driven friction feeding device, with air cylinders     controlling the actual pressure applied to the individual feed belts. When feeding, individual air cylinders will apply proper pressure to each of the belts. The upper and bottom belts will clamp one copper tube and feed to proper length. when the proper length is almost achieved. The feeding speed will change from fast to slow, and the air cylinder pressure on the belt will change from high to low. Each air cylinder will lose almost all pressure when the tube it is feeding reaches the final proper position against a Hard Stop plate. It will hold that tube in place until all tubes have achieved the final proper position. Thus all hairpin ends are in the same final location assuring both the consistence of hairpin length and equality of leg lengths

  1. A fixed location cutting system

The copper tubing cutting system utilizes outer rotating cutter blades to cut the tube. Lubrication takes place. The feed belts reverse and separate the tube ends after cutting.

  1. A Bending system

The bending system can move in the length direction to produce hairpin of different lengths. The leg length is set from the PLC and Programming is fully automatic

The bending system is Serve Motor & Reducer system driven. This is allows for much better accuracy and less free play or  back lash then the older type of hydraulically driven bending heads found in many competitor's units.

5 In addition:

5.1"Quick Change" Tube support booms are provided to support the guide tubes and allow change from one length to another in less than 2 minutes

  1. The Hairpin bender will be capable of receiving such special sets of bend tooling as may    be dictated by specific bend radius requirements and / or changes in tubing diameter up to 16mm maximum.

  1. A sensing device is provided in each lubrication tank to monitor the level of oil to prevent operating the equipment without proper lubrication. A corresponding diagnostic message will be displayed on the touch screen when the level is low

  1. An tube pick off device is included which will support the tubes while stripping and lay them down in the tube collectors. This will produce straighter hairpins for longer lengths

   There is a tube end Sizer attachment to reopen the ends of the hairpins that do not pass

   over the mandrels

  1. Automatic setup of the hairpin bender and leg length adjustments can be accomplished through the use of a standard programmable controller interfaced with a touch screen.

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