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H Type Fin Press Machine 63T
  • Feature of structure
  1. Format of structure:The whole fin press line is consist of high speed precision press, uncoiler, oil lubrication unit, Die take out system, initial feeding device, suction device, stack device, draw unit, scrap discharge device and corresponding electrical , hydraulic system and pneumatic system.
  2. Fin press line: The body of press is compose of cross beam, column and bed which integrated by high press hydraulic, cross beam, bed and slide are made of precision casting. Four cylinders on top of column have the function of overloading protection and slide lifting function. There are eight sets of longer guide gap free roller which ensure precision guide of slide.
  3. Uncoiler: use cantilever and single-head form, unilateral feeding. Inner diameter of aluminum foil is Φ150±5mm. The uncoiler feeds the aluminum foil into fin die automatically, photosensor controls stopping and decoiling, and also have the function of no materials and tightening materials.
  4. Oil lubricator device: Oil tank immersion bath type lubrication. The inlet is provided with drum guide material, and the outlet is provided with two drums and felt pressing material, so as to scrape off the excess lubricating oil and reduce the jump of aluminum foil. The inlet and outlet of the lubricating oil tank are provided with adjusting devices to adapt to the different width of aluminum foil entering the mold through the lubricating oil tank. The oil tank is provided with a level gauge indicating the level of the oil level.
  5. Die take out system: The device is make up of die trolley and corresponding rails for quick die replacement. Air tank and lubrication tank is installed in the frame.
  6. Lacer and initial feeding device: It can feed the stock into die by operation button, it is act as guide function when drawing device of die is work.
  7. Suction unit: The fin unloading by vacuum suction together with wind door driven by pneumatic cylinder. The unit is movable in various directions.
  8. Stacker device: Two work position is interchangeable for “ one working , one fin taking out ” by PLC controller .
  9. Progress switch device: Parameters are set through the human-computer interface to control the movement of hydraulic system . Standard Conversion is sent 2P can be 1/2 switch
  10. Electrical system:
    1.  Stand electrical box and movable panel is available.
    2. Electrical control system: Inch, single and continuous operation model is available. All the fin parameters can be set by HMI.
    3.  Oil alarm, hydraulic overloading or low pressure alarm, Over current protection, stock jamming alarm, low air pressure, free stock alarm function. Light curtain and emergency stop button is designed for safety purpose.