Evaporator & Condenser Bending Machine



Option :EPC EPCB  Length:  cut notch:  bend: 
Evaporator cutting machine
Evaporator cut and bend machine
Max length of coil:
1.850: 850mm
Number of cut notch:
1: one cut notch
2: two cut notch
Number of bend:
1: one bend
2: two bend


G Shape Condenser Bender Purpose:
      G shape condenser bender machine is used to bend air-condition condensers to a certain angle
      as to make them "G" shape or "U" shape, which satisfy
      the demand of air-condition overall design and producing

G Shape Condenser Bender Features:
   1.Three axes CNC, accurate location, smooth bend.
   2.High degree of automation, convenient adjustment.
   3.The slices don't fall easily.