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The punching machine is composed of four parts that cooperate with each other to complete the punching process. First move the material to the scanning area of ​​the camera of the automatic punching machine. After the camera scans the image, it will process and give the control part a signal. After the control part receives the signal, it will further process and control the movement of the transmission part to make the punch on the plane X Axis and Y-axis are moving. After the moving action is completed, the pneumatic part starts to work, and the solenoid valve controls the cylinder to perform the punching action. The automatic punching machine punches printing positioning holes, and the whole action is done in one go, fast, accurate and efficient.

Punching machines are divided into categories: pearl punching machine, laser punching machine, automatic punching machine, electric punching machine, manual punching machine, plastic bag punching machine, pneumatic punching machine, non-woven punching machine. According to the number of holes: single-hole punching machine, 2-hole punching machine, 3-hole punching machine, 4-hole punching machine. Punching machine accessories: punching pads, punching knives, punching needles, punching pads, punching devices.

Laser drilling is mainly used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instrumentation, chemical and other industries. The more mature application of laser drilling is in the production of synthetic diamond and natural diamond wire drawing dies, as well as the production of gem bearings for watches and instruments, aircraft blades, and multilayer printed circuit boards.

The desktop manual punching machine is the most commonly used manual punching machine in daily office. It has the characteristics of low price, positioning ruler, small appearance, and simple and convenient to use. The desktop manual punching machine is designed with two holes, and the conventional hole distance is 80MM. The number of sheets of paper that can be punched at a time with different types of punching machines will be different. Common ones are 10 pages, 20 pages, and 30 pages, when actually punching.