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Coil Bender Machine is a forging machinery that rolls metal sheets into simplified, cone, curved or other shapes. It is widely used in the chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, and machinery industries. Because Coil Bender Machine is engaged in large Large-scale work, so it will bear a very large load, so a series of problems and failures will occur during use. Today, Shandong Juxin Machinery Factory will talk to you about the common failures and maintenance of Coil Bender Machine.

1. Spindle break and repair of Coil Bender Machine
According to the force of the main shaft, use the form of butt welding to weld. First, make two U-shaped grooves at the welding place, and then add a pit and a boss respectively at the center of the broken shaft. The tolerance is matched. For H7/h7, in order to ensure the coaxiality of welding, a V-shaped shim and an equal diameter ring are designed.

2. Coil Bender Machine motor failure repair
Process a movable cover plate according to the mother body size of the oil distribution pan, and then contact the oil seal agent to distribute a seal ring. The original seals are o-rings and circular groove-shaped retaining rings. After contacting the agent, we found that the agent only has o-rings and flat retaining rings. The original size is 2.5 and 1.9mm, and the existing size is 2.5 And 1.4mm, can not be used directly. In the absence of a 1.9mm retaining ring, a 3mm retaining ring is used instead. Since the oil seal groove depth of the oil distribution pan is 3.6mm and the groove width is 3.2mm, the 3.0 o-ring has a little gap in the groove for compression. 1.4 flat retaining ring can also be placed in the groove

Due to the excessive power demand during the coiling process and the large size of the Coil Bender Machine, the power consumed in the coiling process is not only the bending of the workpiece, but also a large part of it is consumed in the mechanical system and hydraulic system. And in the process of use, due to the large load, it is very prone to failure during impact.