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Option:CDB EPB Type: Width: Number: Beam: Normal: 
Condenser bender
Evaporator bender
M: servo control
E: electric type
A: pneumatic type
Max width of coil:
1.300: 300mm
Number of bend:
1:single bend of L or O shape
2:double bend of U shape
3:multi-bend of G shape
Beam type of
bending die:
C:cantilever type
F:portal type
1.null: normal

L Shape Condenser Coil Bender Purpose:
       L Shape Condenser Coil Bender is used to bend air-condition condensers to a certain
      angle as to make them "L" shape or "U" shape,
      which satisfy the demand of air-condition overall
      design and producing technique.

L Shape Condenser Coil Bender Features:
   1.Three axes CNC, accurate location, smooth bend.
   2.High degree of automation, convenient adjustment.
   3.The slices don't fall easily.