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The pipe bending machine is mainly used for the bending of steel pipes in electric power construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. It has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure and simple operation. In addition to the pipe bending function, this machine can also use the oil cylinder as a hydraulic jack. Compared with CNC pipe bending equipment, it is cheap and easy to use, and it occupies a leading position in the domestic pipe bending machine market.
According to the type of power: hydraulic pipe bender, electric platform pipe bender, pneumatic pipe bender, manual pipe bender, etc.
According to the control method: CNC pipe bending machine, semi-automatic pipe bending machine, automatic pipe bending machine, etc.
Classified according to the type of work: single-head pipe bender, double-head pipe bender, multi-head pipe bender, etc.