Machine testing before final packing. 

C-Type Fin Press:

C type frame, Convenient to operate.

High strength body, Less deformation. 

This C press is with dry clutch and hydraulic overloading with steel welded body and good rigidity. This C frame power press has six guide rail slides, which has a long and high precision to prolong its life span. The press is controlled by PLC electric centralized system, which includes emergency stop, inch, single, continuous operation specification with a drive output shaft, automatic feeding, and air cushion device. It is equipped with combined dry pneumatic friction clutch, so the engagement is smooth, the action is agile and the noise is low. And this crank press is of convenient maintenance. The vertical structure of crank-shaft is compact and beautiful.

Main Structure Features

  • High accuracy, reach JIS-Grade1
  • High rigidity, steel-welded frame
  • High precision, 6-side long guide rail
  • Dry type pneumatic cluth-brake unit
  • Imported safety dual-solenoid valve for clutch
  • High sensitive HOLP
  • Automatic grease lubrication system
  • (FDI) Frequency drive inveter
  • PLC system
  • Optional components: Output shaft, air cushion, slide knockout device, automatic feeder, etc