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Fin Automatic Tube Inserting Machine


Used For:The equipment is used to complete the automatic threading of single row or double row long U tubes and fins of air conditioning heat exchanger. It can process products of various specifications, which can be loaded and unloaded manually, and the equipment can realize full-automatic threading.

Processing materials:  Long U Hairpin Bender Machine (Optional)

Fin Loading and unloading method: Manual Loading and un-loading ( Optional: Manipulator)

Production efficiency(Rows/cycle): 1Row≤25s/pcs,2Rows≤35s/pcs

Oblique intubation:No corresponding, oblique intubation is inserting by manaul

Side plate:Flat edge plate (non corresponding to special-shaped edge plate)

Qualified rate: 99%(Including repair ≤ 0.5%, scrap ≤ 0.5%)




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