Aluminum Tube and Copper Tube Fusion Machine

Copper Tube and Aluminum Tube Fusion Machine

The machine is composed of automatic loading and unloading device, manipulator mobile grasping device, pneumatic system and electric control system
2、Automatic loading and unloading device: manually discharge materials to V-groove one by one, with a maximum of 200 materials (pipes) at a time. The feeding is driven by air cylinder and linear guide rail, and the feeding is grasped by manipulator. The manipulator is used to grab and unload the material.
Mechanical mobile grabbing device: there are three sets of grabbing positions of the manipulator. The cylinder is used to control the vertical and horizontal movement of the manipulator. The manipulator takes the material from the alignment of the feeding device in turn, and puts it in the welding machine clamping die. After clamping, the cylinder automatically pushes it into the welding (hydraulic cylinder is used for clamping). After the product processing is completed, the welding burr is removed (welding station and deburring station are processed at the same time, Save the processing time of the product process), the manipulator takes it out again and puts it in the turnover box.
The parts of the equipment shall be treated with necessary surface treatment according to the actual working conditions and working environment, such as electroplating, blackening, quenching, carburizing, electrostatic spraying, etc., so as to ensure that the parts have sufficient strength and surface function
The electrical installation box of the equipment is fixed on the side of the frame bed, and the electrical installation box has double doors, which is convenient for maintenance. The whole machine adopts PLC + touch screen as the core controller, and the control circuit shall be equipped with overload protection function