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Before purchasing a tube bending machine, the first thing to consider is what kind of workpieces will be produced and processed. Customers with different needs have different requirements regarding the use of materials and processing methods for the produced products, so we must consider what products are produced?

Because the operation performance of the tube bending machine is also related to the investment in manpower and technology, and the investment in this area will naturally increase the investment cost. There are currently many different classifications in the operation, so if For professional processing, or for processing a lot of workpieces, you should still consider buying a tube bending machine with simple control, because it reduces the number of personnel control and the content of technical input, and naturally reduces the production. capital.

Although the hydraulic tube bending machine has the advantages of high transmission power, high control accuracy, and fast response speed, it also has some shortcomings, such as: because the operator moves too much, the output power is low; the machine is worn out and the service life is shortened; Many operators are required, labor costs are relatively large, and product costs are relatively high. Therefore, in further discussions, it is proposed to use a motor-hydraulic hybrid drive, so that the most reasonable driving method can be used in the respective advantages of the motor and the hydraulic to reduce the production cost, increase the production power, and improve the processing accuracy.